Response to IESC
October 2020 – The SEIS v3 can be viewed below


Executive Summary

i.   Exec Summary
ii.  Table of Contents
iii. Glossary

EIS Chapters

EIS Appendices

1 - Project Terms of Reference
2 - Project Alternatives Considered
3a - Land Suitability Assessment
3b - Waste Rock and Rejects
3c - Land Stability Assessment
4a - Road Impact Assessment
4b - Geotechnical Assessment
4c - Road Use Management Plan
5a - Surface Water Quality Technical Report
5b - Flood Study and Water Balance
5c - Draft Mine Water Management Plan
5d - Fluvial Geomorphology
5e - Preliminary Dams Consequence Category Assessment
6a - Numerical Groundwater Model Technical Report Summary
6b - Numerical Groundwater Model and Groundwater Assessment Report
6c - Groundwater Quality Data Summary
6d - Surface Water Groundwater Interactions Report
6e - GW Model Peer Review
6f - Transient Electromagnetic Survey Report
6g - Core Permeability Tests
6h - Cross Sections of Regolith
7 - Air Quality and GHG
8 - Noise and Vibration
9a - 2011-2012 Terrestrial Fauna Reports
9b - Flora and Vegetation Assessment
9c - Threatened Fauna Investigations - Deep Creek
9d - MNES and MSES Supplementary Impact Assessments
9e - Significant Species Management Plan
9f - 2016 and 2020 Database Searches
9g - Composite Fauna Species List (2011 to 2019)
9h - Migratory shorebird count data appendix
10a - Aquatic & Marine Ecology, GDE and GBR Impact Assessment
10b - 2011 Baseline Monitoring Program
10c - Stygofauna Assessment
10d - Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem Assessment
10e - GDEMMP
10f - Draft Receiving Environment Monitoring Program
10g - Waterway Barrier Works Map Amendment Request
10h - Preliminary Isotope Study Results
10i - Estuarine Benthic Study
11a - Bio Diversity Offset Strategy_redacted
11b - Draft Offset Delivery Plan_redacted
11c - Draft Mamelon Offset Area Management Plan_redacted
11d - Draft Offset Area Management Plan for Offset 2_redacted
12 - Draft EMP
13 - EIS and SEIS v1 submissions register
14a - Economic Model Outputs
14b - Stakeholder Engagement Report
14c - Social Impact Assessment
15a - Draft Erosion and Sediment Control Plan
15b - Styx Catchment Sediment Budget
16a - Styx Mine Access Road Civil Drawings (G2001-01)
16b - Styx Mine Dam #1 Civil Drawings (G2001-01)
16c - Styx Mine Haul Road Civil Drawings (G2001-01)
16d - Styx MIA CHPP & Dam 1 Access Rd Civil Drawings (G2001-01)

December 2018 – The SEIS v2 can be viewed below


November 2017 – The EIS can be viewed below: